Benefits of 4 oils.

Marine fish oil.
When it comes to the term oil, many people think that the fat in it is the cause of many serious diseases. Whether it's obesity, heart disease, or even a serious disease like cancer. But did you know that some fats are healthy fats?
Especially omega-3 fats (Omega-3). That is found in fish oil. Which plays an important role in the functioning of various systems in the body. Let's take a look at the benefits of fish oil. How it can affect your health.
1. Relieve the symptoms of osteomyelitis.
A study by the University of Bristol found that omega-3 fats in fish oil can significantly alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis.By feeding a high omega-3 diet to guinea pigs with arthritis.It was found to help cure disease by up to 50% compared to rats who ate a normal diet.
2. Anti-aging.
Telomere, which is the DNA at the tip of the chromosome, is shortened. It can be a warning sign that your body is aging. Because when the telomere is shortened. Functional systems in the body deteriorate with increasing age.
Telomere, however, was associated with omega-3 fats. Because there is one study found that When I observed 600 patients with coronary heart disease. Found that the more the patient has omega-3 fat The higher the blood, the longer the telomeres are. So if you want to look younger It is best to consume fish foods like salmon, which are great sources of omega-3s.
3. Improved exercise results.
One study found that consuming fish oil combined with exercise can help reduce body fat. By giving people who are overweight with obesity (Metabolic syndrome). And high risk of heart disease, consuming omega-3 fish oil This is coupled with aerobic dancing three days a week for a period of 12 weeks.The result showed a significant reduction in belly fat. This change did not work for those who consumed fish oil or exercised separately.
4. Strengthen brain power and memory.
Researchers have found that fish oil supplements help the brain work better. It also differentiates the brain structure of those who consume and do not consume it. There is also another study done on rats. A link between fish oil and the brain was also discovered, with effects on the brain's activity related to memory and thinking.
5. Maintain lean muscle mass in cancer patients.
Consuming fish oil as a supplement may help prevent chemotherapy-induced muscle wasting in cancer patients. One test was performed to divide the patients into two groups. The group consumed 16 fish oil and 24 fish oil.
The results showed that the patients in the second group lost an average of 2.3 kg. While the first group of patients remained the same weight. But what's interesting about this trial is that 69% of the patients also had the same or even greater muscle mass.
6. Maintain better bone health.
Not only are calcium, vitamin D and magnesium essential nutrients that help maintain bone mineral density.
But it also contains the omega-3 fatty acids DHA, which is an essential nutrient for strong bones. In addition, one study found that Lab rats fed omega-6 foods They also had lower bone density than rats fed an omega-3 diet.
7. Protect the body from air pollution.
Fish oil can help protect vital organs like the heart from air pollution. With one study found that When trying to give 29 middle-aged adults to consume 3 grams of fish oil as a supplement per day. For a period of 4 weeks and everyone is placed in a polluted environment for 2 hours. Among such people, there were also people who received a placebo. After the end of the trial period The researchers found that among the people who consumed fish oil, there was no as negative symptoms of pollution than in the placebo group. From the above It can be seen that fish oil has several health benefits.
Therefore, the consumption of fish oil as a supplement on a regular basis. It will definitely make you healthier.

Wheat germ oil.
1. Loaded with antioxidants
This is because it is made from wheat that was originally rich in antioxidants like vitamin E. That contributes to the protection of our body from various diseases.
2. Lower cholesterol.
The use of wheat germ oil It can help lower blood cholesterol levels. It also makes the blood flow better and if our body is able to circulate blood better. It will also affect the health of the skin and hair.
3. Boosts energy.
Wheat germ oil. It contains one substance called Octacosanol which helps to increase energy in our body.
4. Reduce the risk of heart disease.
Blood pressure disease, heart disease. Most of these dangerous diseases. It is because the body has too much cholesterol on its own. Until making it go to the blood vessels in our body. But using wheat germ oil can help fix this. Because wheat germ oil contains omega-3 and omega-6, which can help correct high cholesterol.

Garlic oil
Garlic contains many nutrients: water, fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, amino acids, iron, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, etc.The compounds in garlic also have antioxidant properties. It has an effect on lowering blood pressure. This prevents the blood from clotting or clogging the artery wall. Reduce the incidence of heart disease and vascular disease.

The benefits of garlic oil.
  • Prevent coronary heart disease.
  • Reduce the state of high blood pressure.
  • Enhance immunity, reduce allergy.
  • Antioxidant And prevent cancer.
  • Help control blood sugar levels.
  • Help the circulatory system to improve.
  • Reduce cholesterol And fat in the blood.
  • Help the body's metabolic system to improve.
  • Prevent cold.
  • Prevent diabetes.
  • Reduce symptoms of digestive tract disorders.
Helps reduce abscesses and heal stomach ulcers.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an essential substance for the body in terms of health. It also has beauty benefits And for proper vitamin E supplementation So you should understand more. About the need for vitamin E in the body And taking adequate vitamin E supplements This includes the benefits of vitamin E in different forms, including drugs, food, and cosmetics.
Let's get to know vitamin E.
Vitamin E is one of the best fat-soluble vitamins. The body needs to use vitamin E as a component of cell membranes. The benefit of vitamin E is to prevent hemolysis. Prevent blood clots Anti free radicals And prevent inflammation.
The body's need for vitamin E.
  • The average human body needs 10 IU of vitamin E per day.
  • If you are a healthy adult and eat a full five food groups on a regular basis, don't worry about vitamin E deficiency.
  • Some people may need more vitamin E than others, such as those who have difficulty absorbing vitamin E.
Benefits of vitamin E
  1. Vitamin E in drug form Helps treat diseases such as vitamin E deficiency in children. To diseases in which vitamin E is used outside of the main indication. Such as peripheral pain from shingles infection And Alzheimer's disease.
  2. Vitamin E in food or dietary supplement form. Used as an anti-rancid substance in food. And used as a dietary supplement to nourish the body.
  3. Vitamin E in cosmetic form. Use it as a skin care cream. Rancid Skin moisturizer Use in sunscreen. This is because vitamin E can filter UVB rays.
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